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Original Owner Austin and new owner, Kylie.

About The Deli

Austin Counts, pictured on the left with Kylie Myers, is the original founder and owner of 4th Ave Deli. He opened the deli in 2013 and later sold it to one of his own employees in 2019. That employee was Kylie. Since then, the deli has survived a pandemic, a shut down, limited capacity, supply shortages, all happening after being reopen under a new owner for only two months. 4th Ave Deli has been thriving and growing ever since. We have added new menu items, a new vegan menu, & a new catering menu.  We've recently celebrated 10 years and are really excited about what the future could hold.


We are open 7 days a week, online ordering available right here on our own site, third-party ordering & delivery also available, as well as dine in, & call in for pickup.


We are here for our 4th Ave community, our Tucson community, our service industry community, each other, and you! We are keeping the dream alive each & every day we are able to open our doors. And we couldn't do it without the support of our community. Thank you for making it all possible! 

-Kylie Myers

Interviews & Articles:

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Our Products

At 4th Ave Deli we believe in supporting each other and our community, and that means keeping it local! We proudly serve Boar's Head meats & cheeses from local family run provider 'Quality Deli Provisions', local freshly made bread and cannoli from 'Viro's Real Italian Bakery', Microgreens from local farm 'Plant 2 Plate', freshly baked sweets from local pastry chef 'Liz Bakes', locally made hot sauces from 'High Desert', and locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Golden State Sandwich
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